gregory s dew
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 178

Two professional drifters, Nick Du Monde and Haggard Burns, are on the lam from anything resembling gainful employment. With a carte blanche credit line (drawn on fraudulent documents) the duo has fled life’s traditional trappings and now drifts from continent to continent in their quest for the purest elixir on earth—the Nectar. So far their three year safari has delivered them to some premium firewaters. From libations laced with thermal tubeworms to spirits distilled with reptilian scales. But have any of them been the true Nectar? In their insatiable haste to rest that question, they forge onward despite mental and physical capacities that have been withered by epicurean excess. Ultimately, they awake after a drunken blackout only to discover they’ve somehow arrived at a small coastal village saturated with an entire subculture of roving bohemians just like them. It is here ...
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