David Forsyth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 266

Voyage of the Dead is the first book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga about survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Most of them are aboard a ship that is well equipped to survive the end of civilization, while others struggle to survive in a world suddenly overrun by undead cannibals. This is an apocalyptic adventure set within a horror genre, full of blood, guts, violence and the human emotions that fuel our survival instincts. While some scenes include graphic violence, it is intended to be more exciting than disgusting and more about using your brains than eating them. Welcome Aboard and Bon Voyage!Book length is 100,000 words. This is the edited and revised edition. The sequels, "Flotilla of the Dead" and "Deluge of the Dead" are also available on Amazon.Note: The best pricing (even if you get "Voyage of the Dead" for free), is the trilogy edition of "Sovereign Spirit Saga: Volume ...
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4 stars from 264 ratings
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4.5 stars from 3 ratings