Megha Madappa, Aswinee Pradhan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 49

Where to start and which thought to pick up? As the thoughts are so beautiful and GOD gifted. Isn’t it? They are the thoughts which differentiates humans from animals. Serene and awesome poems and proses are crafted by the delicate and beautiful fabrics of soul stirring thoughts.WELCOME TO BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS, the beautiful world of ineffably beautiful thoughts. Here the thoughts have taken the contour of poems and proses to cherish. Some thoughts are personified form of romantic poems, while others are the articles of exiting and mesmerizing exploration through the calm path of memory molecules of your brain.“I am like that”,I said(Aswinee). My friends (Megha Madappa, Angel Priya, Geeta Pogula) were sitting in the causal discussion about all most all stories of the world(Imagine when friends gather in any gossip place then how many countless thoughts flow). We had another friend ...
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