Graham Watkins
ASIN: B00720H0VI
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 67

In this book you will find a selection of sixteen well known legends, each of which relates to a particular place in South-eastern Wales.Wales is a land rich in folklore and legend. The beauty and mystery of the land enchants us with tales from the past. Meet Sir Gawain as he returns to Camelot and tips his uncle, King Arthur into the Afon Wysg before discovering his true identity. Discover the tragic love story of the Maid of Sker and her selfish father. Learn about the Blue Knight of Gwent who married Gwladus the Dark and built a great castle at Raglan. Explore the legend of reluctant King Tewdrig who tried to save his kingdom. Read the story of William de Braose, the Ogre of Abergavenny. Learn the fate of the Pirate Dolphyn when Sir Harry took his revenge, how Jack o’ Kent tricked the Devil and how Daffyd Gam got his name. These are just a few of the legends reproduced within these ...
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