Adrian John Smith
ASIN: B00737JLS0
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 39

The Deep South, 1955. Dr Jim Tucker (Doc) is collecting stories for his 'living history' project. When he interviews Nettie Hansum - a hundred and eight year-old African American and sole remaining inhabitant of the Back-Swamp Road - she tells him a tale of murder, revenge and supernatural terror so fantastic it can't be true. Or can it?As Nettie spins her story - a story which harks back to the years immediately after the Civil War, when Nettie was young - Doc hears how Nettie's husband is lynched for a murder he didn't commit. When heart-break turns to rage for vengeance, Nettie seeks the help of Ma Screech, an old voodoo witch who lives far out in the swamp. Using her dark arts, Ma Screech summons the Cunjah Man - a walking abomination with snakes sliding around in his bones - and unleashes him on Ned's killers who, one by one begin to die horrific deaths. Aware of the hex, sick and ...
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