Matthew Christian Harding
Publisher: Zoe and Sozo Publishing
Pages: 257

Foundlings…Awarded Best Book 2010-2011 from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! Foundlings, the #1 Bestseller in Historical Fiction from Christian Book Distributors Spring 2011! Foundlings, the Top Ten Bestseller in Christian Fantasy from Christian Book Distributors Winter 2012! ***Warning*** Before you purchase this book please be aware that Foundlings ends with a thrilling Cliff Hanger, as does Paladins, the second book in the series. Loresmen, the third and final book, makes up for this with a wonderfully satisfying conclusion and epilogue – two endings in one. As Kaleb Haman reviewed it, “A perfect ending to a perfect series!” Praise for Foundlings, Book One of The Peleg Chronicles,“Next to the Narnia series your book has been the only other book that my kids have begged me to read. My boys remind me several times a day that this is one of their favorite books.” – the ...
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