Lenore Wolfe
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 150

In Volume I, of Sons of the Dark Mother, The Fallen One, Book 2, Once an ancient race brought forth her children to be the Children of the Earth. Yet, some became dissatisfied with sharing the power of the stone--and the Dark Cloth was born. Now, the four princes of the earth must stop those who would destroy the mother in their greed and quest to own the power of all. Justice is the dark prince of fire--and Jess is his mate...and so the story continues....In Volume 1 of 4 of Season 1, of this dark urban novella, Jes grew up that fateful day, eight years before, when her father told her to stay in the car. Having her father's love for investigating, she got out of the car for just one peek--and what she saw that day changed the course of her life. Jes always knew about her people, the Jaguar People who were one of the ancient races. After all, she was born Jaguar. The Jaguar People were ...
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