Nicholas Pang
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 75

The Apple iPad 2 may have been the must-have tool before the Kindle Fire launched. But the price, form factor, ease of use, and eco-system of the new Kindle Fire make it a no brainer primary tablet for new tablet owners or an additional 'travel' device for iPad 2 owners.The Kindle Fire is lighter, more compact, and powerful enough for most tasks (reading books, getting emails, listening to music, watching movies) for the general public. The $199 price also make it an impulse buy.Business EditionI will show you the best Kindle Fire Android apps for improving your productivity while travelling or simply away from your office and need to access your documents remotely or working at your local Starbucks. There are tutorials on getting your contacts onto your Kindle Fire, accessing MS Office documents, and installing the most important productivity app on your device - Dropbox. ...
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