Amos van der Merwe
ASIN: B00746T338
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 196

Africa: a continent of mystery, magic, wonder – and stories. It is here our ancestors huddled around the glowing embers of a late-night fire for the first time, and it is here the very first stories were told. Some of these stories are true, of course, but others simply reflect the impressive creativity of the people who live here.Imagine: Africa! challenges the reader to pull up a chair next to an imaginary fireside, sit down, and allow the stories to transport him or her to remote villages, strange people and weird situations. Here you'll find an elephant with a sense of humor, the reason cheetahs have tear streaks down their cheeks, and several dubious characters with an array of scores to settle. An old soldier discovers why he was wounded in the war and an investment banker with a taste for his clients' wives has to face reality. Chinese tourists find a new aphrodisiac, while a ...
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