Kim Seabrook
ASIN: B007483YO0
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 167

Crime is the Second Edition, revised and updated, of Volume Three of the Book Prisoners of Eternity. It deals with many different aspects of crime from murder to assassination and treason. The characters I portray are in no particular order and there are no references to original sources. I make no pretence to this being a scholarly work, I merely tell the story. So if you wish to learn more about the Acid Bath Murderer, The Vampire of Dusseldorf, the real identity of Jack the Ripper, the Assassination of President Lincoln,Lord Haw Haw, and The Cambridge Spy Ring this may be the book for you.To see a full description of Prisoners of Eternity please read the preface to Volume One, Deadlier than the Male (Women in History).
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