James W. Nelson
Publisher: James W. Nelson
Pages: 237

If the state kills a worst-of-the-worst criminal, does he really die?Worst-of-the-worst criminal Les Paul is on death row awaiting execution.The chaplain is trying to stop the execution, and not because of a love for mankind.Mrs. Leslie Markum in nine months will give birth to the reincarnation of evil.Ms. Nicole Waters is nursing at the hospital where the infant, Les Paul, will be abandoned. Cassandra is yet divided between her mother and father.Patrolman Sikorsky is just doing his job and hoping to advance to detective.Riley Stokes, ex-military, will train the chaplain and Nicole to become private investigators. Imagine remembering dying by hanging, guillotine, firing squad, electrocution, drugs, and even being beat to death. You feel the fear but there's no pain, nothing, the lights just go off. You shake your head and deny the memories are yours. You're right, they are not, not in ...
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