Robert Ash
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I served in two of Her Majesties Police Forces for nearly thirty years, retiring on ill health due to heart problems. Who said a copper didn't have a heart. Well I did but unfortunately it was faulty!I must add that my service started at a time when police officers were more liberal and less politically correct, when it was normal to see a Bobbie walking the beat and actually stopping to speak to the public. When there wasn't enough room for all the officers parading for duty!A Police Officer’s lot is not always a happy one. The responsibility was and is enormous. It's a hectic, disturbing, stressful, exciting, sad, depressing, boring, tiring and often painful job.Police Officers need a way to let off steam and handle the high stress levels. Laughter does it every time. In all my years on the job, I've found that two things are very important to a bobby. The first is his refreshment ...
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