Denise Domning
Publisher: Steel Magnolia Press
Pages: 286

An Almost Perfect Escape Cassandra Marston wagers a kiss in a card game with the incorrigible rake Lucien Hollier, Lord Graceton and willingly pays her debt when she loses. But now, desperate for funds, the beautiful lady challenges him again ... and wins! Taking Lucien's money and fleeing into the night, the surprisingly sweet taste of his kiss still on her lips, Cassie is certain she's seen the last of him -- until an untimely carriage accident forces her to feign amnesia, and she hears the rogue call her his wife! Lucien is delighted to be able to call the bluff of the delectable vixen who bested him, no doubt through questionable methods. Whether she sticks to her "lost memory" charade or admits to a lie, Lucien will get his due! But the bewitching cardsharp is still holding several aces -- and her next sensuous gamble may just win the heart of an irresistible and noble scoundrel.
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4.5 stars from 73 ratings Rating:
4 stars from 17 ratings