Herb Mallette
ASIN: B0076QH16M
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Pages: 311

To save her family from a bloodthirsty, sorcerous cult, Avelia Warbler must kidnap the most powerful woman in the world: The Identity of Cimone, who dwells in a castle beyond mortal approach. But when Avelia calls in all her markers for support, only Shoje Keindan shows up -- a master thief of extraordinary skill who is also madly in love with her. Can she manage to steal the cult’s high priestess when her only ally is bent on stealing her heart?The Ingressionist is the third book in Herb Mallette's Delvonian Tales and the second volume of The Aveliad. These ingenious fantasy tales draw the reader into a vivid world where continents and oceans float through the clouds, where heroes can be relied on to do the right thing and villains to be devilish - though no one is as straightforward as they might at first seem.
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