Jim Tourtsakis
ASIN: B00774RPG4
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Pages: 72

How do I gain muscle ? The fastest way to gain muscle revealed – also comes in a FREE MP3 version to listen on the go. A quick & easy read. This is not a book where you’ll get overwhelmed with technical details, and it's deliberately not a step by step 'do this, then do that' type manual. Such information does more harm than good because it distorts and confuses guys from grasping the important core fundamentals of bodybuilding. And that DOESN’T do anyone any favors. Considered an absolute first-step and MUST read, before jumping into any comprehensive workout programs. The only bodybuilding book that talks about the game changing ‘Super-Iso’ method, and the application of the mind’s focus and ‘beliefs’, which is the other big game changer for dramatic results. It’s a secret part of what enables the ‘Once A Week Screamer(TM) ’ method to work so well for Jim (the author), where he works ...
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