Claude Bachand
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 295

This is a memoir about two people growing up during and after the Great Depression, their deep and enduring love, and how they coped with Parkinson's disease. The way that Dotty and Claude Bachand went about day-to-day living, as Dotty's Parkinson's symptoms steadily worsened, is the subject of about half of the memoir. In depth, you'll learn how they dealt with problems like mobility, balance, eating, dressing, tremors, disorientation, and difficulty with talking and swallowing. They adapted. For instance, they'd sit in the back row of the movies so in the event Dotty suffered from shaking, they wouldn't disturb the other patrons; they'd ask a waitress to bring Dotty's iced tea with a lid and a straw in case she knocked it over; and Claude always carried four men's handkerchiefs because of Dotty's drooling. You'll be there during an hour-long session with a noted Parkinson's ...
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