Ahmed Hulusi
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Pages: 91

The Names of Allah, more commonly known as the Divine Names or the Most Beautiful Names, are the loci of manifestation. They are the attributes and relations through which Divine Self-disclosure occurs.Everything derives its existence and originates from the meanings and qualities that are denoted by the Names of Allah; hence, the Names and their manifestations are our only means of knowing the reality of Allah.Analogously, Muhammad (SAW) says “He who knows himself will know his Sustainer”. Since the Divine Names comprise the essence of all things, and the essence of all things is ultimately One, he who knows his essential self will consequently know the One.In this short book, Ahmed Hulusi takes us down a long corridor with 99 doors and presents a key for each of these doors that opens to our essential core realities. He asserts that each individual manifestation, and hence each ...
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