George Whiteman
ASIN: B0078OAH54
Publisher: Shelfstealers
Pages: 374

Poor little two-year-old Georgie. Born to parents unfit to raise gerbils, he’s dumped on his loving nana while the sperm and egg donors gallivant around the country, then snatch him up again when he’s nine and drag him across all forty-eight states. When Japan bombs Pearl Harbor and everything is rationed, his folks are on the verge of divorce--or double-homicide.They abandon him once again with more - or less - willing relatives in the hedonistic center of the cosmos: Hollywood.There, amidst every form of vice and device, he struggles to claim an identity that has not already been taken. He trudges through dirt-poor puberty into a despotic adulthood, living in a succession of storage rooms, cellars and shacks, with a seedy cast of characters befitting any B-movie classic.Eager to escape his squalid past, George answers the call to defend The American Way. Two years as a military ...
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