Daniel Perez
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Pages: 113

Bigfoot: Encounters Past To Present is an absolute must read for the young adult wanting more information on Bigfoot from an unbiased source. It starts with the famous 1884 case of Jacko from British Columiba and moves through over 100 year to the present with another fascinating case, a witness sees a Bigfoot near McMinnville, Oregon. Some cases presented in this work are well known while others are barely known to a few. Profusely illustrated by renowned Illinois artist Steven DeMarco. This work, written by a well known Bigfoot investigator and researcher Daniel Perez, the editor and publisher of the monthly newsletter, Bigfoot Times, seeks to educate young adults by presenting a completely unbiased viewpoints into well known cases, such as the Skookum Bigfoot body casting from the year 2000. Was it really a Bigfoot, as many have insisted? OR something else? You be the judge. We just ...
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