Rudy Hadisentosa
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 211

Do you want to live Healthier and Save the Earth at the same time ?Becoming a Vegetarian is one of the best ways to get your health in check, and contributing a very green lifestyle to the planet. Meat industry is the biggest polluter of CO2 in the world, even if the automobiles, ships, and airplanes pollution are combined. Discover the Truth of animal farming , and what kind of meat you are eating every day. Human body is not designed to eat meat like carnivore animals because our body system is more tending to fruits and vegetable. We cant process meat fast enough in our stomach without it rotting inside, unlike carnivore animals that have strong enzymes to do it.And Meat industry is the biggest polluter in the world, with every pound of meat produced, the destruction of earth resources is so great. Water, agriculture harvests, lands, forests cleared, etc etcSo lets be kind to ...
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