Colette Leigh
ASIN: B007A2V2J4
Publisher: 3D4T
Pages: 73

Now the #1 Amazon Bestseller in 'Home & Garden' and 'Cleaning, Caretaking & Relocating' and bigger, better and beautifully illustrated. Sometimes organizing your home just feels too overwhelming. The closets are jam-packed... There's no room in the garage for another box... And the clutter just keeps piling up...Step back from the chaos and create a plan!Plans are at their most effective when they feel like they're achievable. That means breaking up a large-scale project into smaller, bite size, pieces. This twelve-month guide can help you have a completely organized home in a year. (Of course, if you're feeling motivated you can push through the plan faster)Organizing the house with simple storage solutions and decluttering methods so you will have a tidy home with no mess!Starting with that incredible twelve-month plan, and following with unmissable decluttering tips and advice for ...
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