Ken Brosky
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 271

"Desolation: Stories" combines Ken Brosky's previous story collections and contains all 20 of his published and new works of horror and science fiction ..."The Desolation Will Consume You" (Finalist, Writer's Digest Fiction Competition)The world is dying. The climate is changing. But hidden away deep inside a forest in the heart of Canada sits a home with everything you need. You can survive here. You can start a new life. But you must make a terrible sacrifice ..."Ashes to Ashes" (previously unpublished)Justin Breneview's job search led him to what seems like an easy job: take bodies out of the morgue, throw them in the furnace. Nothing to it. But when complications arise, he quickly learns that there is no such thing as an "easy job.""High Stakes" (first published in Diabolic Tales)The gambler arrived in Kansas City for a game with high stakes and a high payout. Everyone else was ...
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