Laura E. Collins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 269

The Earth is dying. The Great Impact of 2079 has rendered the Earth uninhabitable. It is now hundreds of years later. After the sudden death of her husband, all Ava Amherst wants is to begin a peaceful new life away from Earth on the space station Orionis. Or so she thought. After arrival she discovers life is much more difficult than she was led to believe by the Intergalactic Transport Organization. People are unfriendly, they keep to themselves, and food is much more expensive than she anticipated. Practically starving, Ava nearly faints walking home from work. She is startled by a powerful electric shock radiating through her when handsome starship captain Wesley Robinson, and his crewmember Naomi, surprisingly come to her aid. The sensation is all but forgotten because of her yearning to make new friends. Her happiness initially blinds her to some subtle clues that they are more ...
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