Jeffrey Beckel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 102

Erik and his two brothers are on vacation in Spain when a small vent in the attic begins their magical journey to The Lands. Come travel with the boys and their many special friends whom they meet along the way, including the adorable Fuzzy and the helpful Marshmallow Eggs. Join their adventure to the many different lands as they travel through secret tunnels, haunted forests and Lands made entirely out of candy. Many Lands are wonderful, some are scary and others are just plain magical. Feel the excitement as you slide down to an unknown world which only a few have travelled to. Explore the amazing magical map which will guide you on your journey from one land to the next. Cast spells that you are taught along the way to open secret doors and summon objects. Will the boys make it in time to catch their ride home before they are stuck in The Lands forever? You'll have to read ...
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