Morgan McFinn
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Pages: 201

A Birthday Bash at the Most Celebrated Saloon in BangkokStep Inside for a Great Lounge Act ...Well, in defiance of the local bookmakers and most members of the medical profession, McFinn somehow managed to reach the fifty-year marker. To commemorate the occasion he spent the evening with at the Bamboo Bar in Bangkok's famed Oriental Hotel. It was kind of a surprise party. McFinn had invited a few of his friends to join him - and none had shown up. He was really surprised. So, buy this book and you can join him instead.It was like no evening the Bamboo Bar has ever experienced before. Play readings, lovemaking, a dead guy in a brown suit, lots of top-shelf booze, and a cast of characters that animate McFinn's inimically amusing style. As always the dialogue sparkles with wit ...Think of this book as a bottle of Irish whiskey. It's real smooth. With any luck you'll be drunk with laughter ...
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