Nicholas.J Meyer
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Pages: 18

Stop Sore Throats Now...Right at the Source! Are you tired of getting sore throats, but not sure how to break the cycle? In this top-downloaded book from journalist Nicholas J. Meyer, who's been featured on, Natural News and other top health websites, you'll find simple, natural and inexpensive tips to help you stop sore throats (and colds in general), right at the source. -What to do immediately after feeling a scratchy throat to start healing fast-The top three anti-viral, anti-bacterial remedies on the market today-How the author became sore throat-free for almost four years after a lifetime of struggling-The "Vitamin C" Deception: Why so many "healthy" foods really don't help -What the real solutions are and how to get them for cheap -The two most important vitamins (and their best sources) for revving up your immune system to stop sore throats for life...And much ...
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