Michael Rogan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 116

Praise for How to Write a Screenplay That Doesn't Suck and Will Actually Sell:"If you are just getting started with screenwriting, this book gives you all the essential tools that you need to start writing GOOD SCREENPLAYS. It will help you learn how to ask the right questions when you are watching movies and motivate you to write, write, write!""INFORMATION like this is something you can only get about half-way into a scriptwriting class or through a good hundred pages of how-to books.""Anyone enrolled in writing or FILM SCHOOL beware - this series just might make you think about bailing on your classes and forging your own path instead!"Want to learn how to write a screenplay that doesn’t suck and can actually make you money?Want to know how to write a movie script that’ll get you the attention of managers, agents, directors, actors--the talent of the industry?Think you got to go ...
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