Sean Healy
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Pages: 86

In this book Sean Healy brings you 43 Irish Drink Recipes and 38 Irish Toasts.  Sean lived with family members in Dublin for one year and immersed himself in the Irish pub culture. His favorite pub was Mulligan's at Poolbeg Street where he communed with the spirit of famed Irish writer James Joyce, one of Mulligan's more famous customers.  In addition to the Irish Drink recipes and Toasts & Blessings, Sean shares what St. Patrick's Day is like in Dublin, what the Irish themselves drink on St. Patrick's Day and what they eat for their holiday dinner. You'll learn the proper way to drink a Guinness® Draught and what a Bacon Butty is!Sean also includes 38 Irish toasts and blessings that you can use on St. Patrick's Day to toast your friends and family.If you're looking for both traditional and modern Irish drink recipes this is the book for you!Here's a sampling of just some of the ...
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