Amy Cross
Publisher: Dark Season Books
Pages: 712

"Destiny is like a river. You can block its path in one place, but it will find a way to flow around the blockage, or it will flood. Either way, it will always end up where it was going. And it is almost always going to a great ocean."Sophie Hart never thought she was special. Living in a dead-end town, she spends her time hanging out with friends and dreaming of a better life. And then, late one night, she meets the man who's destined to kill her.Patrick is the last vampire, having destroyed the rest of his species at the end of a devastating civil war. Unable to speak, he nevertheless has to find a way to guide Sophie to the fate that was sealed for her before her birth. Torn between love and duty, Patrick knows that if he falls in love, he risks breaking the prophecy and allowing an ancient evil to return to the world.This is the first book in the epic Dark Season trilogy, which ...
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