Marlayna Glynn
Publisher: Birthright Books
Pages: 356

“This may be the very best teenage suicide prevention tool ever created.”—D. Gallant, Book Reviewer“The language of gambling makes an interesting and recurrent motif throughout this memoir, asserting that is is only by chance that any one of us could have traveled this very same road. Decks are shuffled, hands are played. An ultimately uplifting, beautifully written, and inspiring memoir.”—Fiona Edmonds, Book ReviewerThis award-winning author delivers her addicting breakout novel—a mesmerizing memoir epic destined to become a classic. Set in transient 1970s Las Vegas, OVERLAY is the fighting-to-come-of-age story of a resilient child born into a cycle of alcoholism and abandonment. The author develops a powerful sense of self-preservation in contrast to the fallen adults entrusted with her care.Her profound story explores the characters and events populating her life as she moved from ...
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