Dan Clyburn
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 31

Horror-able People, you bet! I just thought you might like to know some of the things that went on starting about 70 years ago. If you do then read this, its about some of the things that really happened in my life, when I was just a little younger, exciting, yes. I hope not to many people turn over in their grave. (really I hope they all do) Most people I speak about (without names) are most likely burning in their hell now. It tells you how I grew up in a very poor family, there is a lot more that could be told, but this will give you some idea about what it was like. This is a collection of short stories and memories, bad things do happen. I must warn you, it’s in just plain English, the way I talk and use grammar, as if you were setting there and I was telling you a bedtime story. Not real bad cuss words do I use and I don’t say very much good about my teachers. So if you are a ...
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