T. A. Grey
ASIN: B007K091Q2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 198

Seductive Russian vampire Dmetri quickly stops grumbling over having to "babysit" the Kategan pack when he meets the rough and wild pack healer, Christine Barrows. Suddenly Dmetri can't recall why he preferred chic, classy women when he sees rough and wild Christine. The grinning woman is so sexy she drives him crazy. Having her once isn't enough, and he wants more. However, when Dmetri wants to make things more permanent, Christine denies him stating she can only mate with an alpha lykaen. But Dmetri has faced harder challenges than this. She will be his. From USA TODAY Bestselling Author T. A. Grey comes the fifth book in her werewolf paranormal romance series: The Kategan Alphas. Get lost in lusty, page-turning action with characters you will love and hate. The Kategan Alphas is a complete, six-book series with a strong contemporary feel and a vampire or two.Buy Dark Seduction today ...
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5 stars from 24 ratings
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