Will Patching
Publisher: Will Patching
Pages: 259

Who is more evil..? The killer or his victims..?From the award-winning author of The Remorseless Trilogy. An absolutely riveting international conspiracy thriller that'll make you think - while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Inside, you'll discover:A vengeful ex-CIA operative turned serial killer...A ruthless international ring of VIP child molesters determined to keep their criminal activities secret...A British investigative reporter and her genius hacker brother...And a brilliant, incorruptible Thai Police Chief.All are thrown together in this explosive first volume of the Hunter/O'Sullivan Adventure series of action-packed international crime thriller novels.In brief:Journalist Kate O'Sullivan puts her life at risk when she exposes a millionaire businessman as a child molester using information her teenage brother hacked from the CIA database.With the US government on the ...
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4.5 stars from 110 ratings
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