Holand Peterson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 284

WantedThe town of Eville is in shambles. “Brilliant” inventor, Serene Necrosia, hoped to usher in a new era with her latest invention. Instead, she conjured up an army of flesh-devouring space squids, blotted out the sun and nearly brought about the end of the world. Hey, it’s all in the name of progress, right? Next time things will work much better. But for now it’s probably best if she hits the road before the authorities haul her off to prison (or loony bin), and find a good place to hide. Along for the ride are her cranky hunchback employee Moody and the “Othersider” Alex Hobbs, a regular man caught up in a world beyond his reckoning, and from which there is no escape.What Serene doesn’t count on is the involvement of the distinguished Cyclops investigator, Daniel Hammett, and his partner Raphael Vega. These tenacious, tough-as-nails officers will stop at nothing to ...
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