Rod Pennington
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 170

The Charon/McIntosh clan is your typical dysfunctional family. They also happen to be four of the world’s best assassins.In this installment, high-maintenance daughter Olivia has reluctantly agreed to spend one month training with the most feared assassin of the last one thousand years, Master Rōshi Dorje. Chaffing under Rōshi’s supervision she jumps at the chance to join a security team to protect a member of a secret organization known as the High Council.

Olivia soon discovers, instead of being part of primary security detail, her job will be babysitting the rebellious teenaged granddaughter of the Council member. Just as pretty as Olivia and just as out of control, when these two lock horns all hell breaks loose.Rod Pennington last 14 titles have all gone on to be a #1 Kindle niche Bestseller in multiple categories. His novel The Fourth Awakening spent over four years ...
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