Lynda Lahman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 214

A thousand miles in under twenty-four hours? In a plane, sure. A car, maybe. On a motorcycle? That’s crazy. But that’s what it takes to earn membership in the Iron Butt Association, the world’s foremost organization for long-distance motorcycle riders. For these elite riders thousand-mile days in the saddle are so routine that for fun they turn them into cross-country scavenger hunts, awarding points for bonus locations along the way. The biggest of them all is the eleven-day Iron Butt Rally. When Lynda asked Terry to take her for a ride on his motorcycle on their third date, she knew his passion was long distance riding. What she didn't know was that within a few short months they would be navigating the complexities of falling in love, blending families and building a life together. Becoming partners both on and off the bike, they found themselves charting a course through ...
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