Jimmy Clay
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 306

Animal adventure book, full with excitement and family fun.The Song of the Coyote is the story of Tyke, a coyote pup, and her older brother, Dingo. Tyke has to grow up in a rough and wild country, having fun and adventures along the way. With the help of her heroic brother, the wisdom of her mom, and the stories of her dad, she grows and learns how to survive and to enjoy life.* Go along with Tyke and Dingo as they explore nature and the wilderness* Meet Frogger and learn why he is the most dangerous of wild coyotes* Find out if Tyke's mother gets her favorite food, the small house cat* Can they escape the sheep dog?* Can they escape the mountain lion?* And learn from Tyke's Dad coyote wisdom, myth and loreTyke lives in a country that is dry, brushy, and full of mesquite trees, rocks, hills, and sheep. The land is full of birds, snakes, bobcats, and one very elusive mountain lion. Also ...
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