Marie Etienne
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 376

Praise for Storkbites: A Memoir by Marie Etienne"Marie Etienne's story of growing up rich in Louisiana, one of 9 children who are each in some way scarred by the experience, leads readers on a harrowing tale of abuse of nearly every kind: physical, verbal, alcoholic, drugs, sexual excess - and above all a family legacy of secret insanity. Push/pull, give/take, love/hate, guilt/forgiveness, monetary generosity/emotional stinginess - these kids were jerked this way and that, and none emerged unscathed. Of the nine children, 2 died of either suicide or murder and the others continue, as adults, to struggle in their own ways with their violent heritage.Etienne describes her own descent into alcoholism and promiscuity as a teenager and young adult, and she is horrified to find herself following her mother's physical abuse tactics with her own two young sons. We travel with Etienne on the ...
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