Peter James West
Publisher: Peter James West
Pages: 373

Review headlines:'Solid start to an epic sci-fi series''An amazing page turner!''Well Worth the Read.'Tales of Cinnamon City is a Science fiction and fantasy series set in the rich, deep world of Megarothia. Information Cloud is the first novel in the series, mixing elements of military science fiction, military fantasy, and hi-tech action.On a world called Megarothia, a world governed by powerful war lords, the people grow restless beneath the Dome Shield, safe from the ravaged world outside.Rachel works for Central Command, maintaining law and order on the streets when she's not hunting down Kamari agents. The insurgents have been getting ever more bold in recent months, launching increasingly violent attacks against the city and its outlying stations. Word on the street is that things are getting out of hand.But there's something strange about Rachel. Rumours have been spreading ...
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