Dan Eitreim
Publisher: On Target Publishing
Pages: 76

Posing Mastery - Sitting, Kneeling & Lying DownRevised Edition with even more illustrations!Posing Mastery IS within your reach! It is really easy once you learn and understand the basic silhouette shapes that lead to all the posing variations!!Sitting and Kneeling poses offer a lot of challenges... and opportunity. After you've checked out this simply written, easy to read - easy to understand - course lesson, you will totally understand how to pose your models so that they will look their best!For a sample of what is covered, here is the Table Of Contents:IntroductionPosing Overview And ReviewThe Overall Shape - GroupsThe PyramidThe DiamondThe DiagonalThe Overall Shape - IndividualsThe "I" PoseThe "C" PoseThe "S" PoseThe Zig ZagSitting and KneelingIt's The Angles That MatterPerpendicular Lines Vs. Non-Perpendicular LinesThe Four Basic Sitting and Kneeling SilhouettesThe Geometric ...
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