Humphry Knipe
Publisher: Haaren
Pages: 378

“Finally, we have an historically accurate work revealing how astrologers and their followers connived in the imperial court to steer the fate of the Roman Empire... A great book." – Michael R. Molnar “Fans of astrology will delight in this compelling narrative, as will the lover of historical novels.” – James Herschel Holden "It is appropriate and illuminating to have a novel about astrology at the Roman imperial center, because this belief was so predominant and indeed universal in the Mediterranean world that it exceeded every religion in power and influence and I admire your ingenuity in weaving a story around it. You have explained the astrological technicalities involved, and built an imaginative, interesting story round the result. I wish The Nero Prediction well because it is a striking example of this preposterous doctrine influencing the course and timing of history. ...
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