Humphry Knipe
Publisher: Haaren
Pages: 378

Nero is widely regarded as the most despicable Roman emperor who “fiddled” while Rome burnt. In fact Nero was a man of considerable generosity, talent, great ingenuity and boundless energy intent upon making his life a work of art, dreaming like a modern John Lennon of an age in which music, not military force, is power. What’s missing here?Astrology, the seductive mixture of astronomy and superstition which in Nero’s time exceeded every religion in power and influence. So ardent was the belief that horoscopes were roadmaps to the future that believers tailored their actions to match astrological predictions. Meet the self fulfilling prophecy. When Nero’s horoscope became widely known it bedeviled his reign because it predicted when he would be lucky or vulnerable, invaluable information for his enemies in the aristocratic class who believed that he was dishonoring the imperial throne ...
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