Cherie Hill
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 124

*NEW BONUS FEATURE: 1st Chapter FREE of Cherie Hill's latest release: empty. (Living Full of Faith When Life Drains You Dry) ************************************************************* You thought you had hope, until tragedy took over. You thought life was in control, until it erupted into chaos. You assumed you were strong, until you were suddenly brought to your knees. You thought you walked by faith, until you found yourself consumed in the darkness of despair. Hope is gone. You’re facing circumstances in life that seem insurmountable, even for God. We quickly realize that our problem isn’t that we haven’t trusted God, but that we trusted God and believed He’d come through . . . and He didn’t. He could have prevented our pain and suffering, but He chose not to. We cry out, but there is no answer and our faith takes a tragic turn. But God’s silence is not His ...
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