Aleda J Marshall
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 60

NO, NEVER ALONE is a book created to challenge America to look into the mirror of their old age; a reality check of what it to come! By changing our behavior today, we may change how our children and grandchildren care for us tomorrow; God's way or Hitler’s way! This book briefly summarize the divinely appointed steps an ALMIGHTY GOD orchestrated that brought the author from worldly success to the doors and subsequent ministry at a particular nursing home. CHALLENGE: We can each plant the seeds of caring into our own and others’ personal hearts gardens today; a planting that will reap a bountiful harvest of caring tomorrow, reproduced in the next generation of hearts gardens that may be caring for you. WE CAN ALL DO THIS! God has not forgotten THE FORGOTTEN in America's nursing homes. IT JUST TAKES ONE TO VISIT ONE! WHO WILL BE THERE TO GIVE YOU A DRINK OF WATER?
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