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This story of multiple murders, and set in Greater London was written for three specific reasons.Firstly, as my humble tribute to the late, great and very wonderful Dame Agatha Christie, where, although everyone in her stories appears to be guilty, the real murderer is never revealed until the final few pages.Secondly for those readers whose constructive review comments have inspired me to try even harder to write a better story. And lastly, as a somewhat tongue in cheek tribute to the "X" division of the Uxbridge, Middlesex, Metropolitan Police, where I had the very distinct honor and privilege to serve as a 'Beat Bobby' there back in the 1950s.I thank them all for what each has given me.'The Claw Hammer Murders' is the first in an overall 20 book(so far) series featuring DI Ken Meacham, DI Clive Bruce and DI Diana Charrington. Each has their own series and two more are currently 'in ...
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