Srinivas Rao
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 40

Author Credentials✮40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011- Problogger✮Regular Contributor to the ADAGE 150 Blog GROW✮Speaker at Blogworld Expo and Eye for Travel 2011"Whenever I am reading and come upon something exceptional that I want to remember for later, I put a "WOW" in the sidebar of the text.In Srinivas Rao's Relationship Marketing ebook I had 12 "WOW's" in the first 20 pages." - Frank Dickinson"Just when I thought I knew everything about blogging and connecting, I read Relationship Marketing and learned some new, very key elements.Now I understand how the top bloggers got to where they are; Srini's book lays it all out for you" - Maria BrophyThe power of your blog is not in the words you write, the products you sell, or even the number of fans you have. The true power of your blog is in the relationship you have with your readers, your customers, and your partners.It’s a ...
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