Madhu Chittarvu
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 150

A space and science fiction fantasy story set in the 4th millennium. It is 3260 AD when Earth itself is partly destroyed by nuclear wars and environmental disasters.There is a tremendous advancement in interplanetary travel communications and in the health and medical fields.There are robots which are very well developed and the inter-galactic net evolved from the internet of the 3rd millennium.There is a great increase in longevity though the Earth itself is less developed than other planetary colonies.Many humans have migrated and to other planets and developed colonies in the Galaxy.Hani Amrapali, a scientist working in the faculty of Bio medical Engineering in the Indica Central University of Central Asia has a recurring dream about a beautiful woman of Mars and travels to Mars to find her, spending his life time's savings on the voyage.There he finds that there are two ...
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