Ruth Harris
Publisher: Word International
Pages: 122

★★★★★“WOW! WHAT A STORY!”★★★★★“A master storyteller coaxed me through a maze of fascinating, brilliant, tragic, and heartwarming twists and turns, and left me feeling uplifted and satisfied. ZURI slides to the top of my favorite books of 2020!” —Sue Coletta, award-winning, bestselling authorThey rescue endangered animals, but can they rescue each other?Renny Kudrow, Director of the Kihali animal orphanage in Kenya, is a renowned elephant whisperer and brilliant translator of animal communication. But human communication?Not so much, thinks Starlite Higgins, the wildlife vet who Renny thinks is not up to the job.Renny is prickly, remote, critical, and Starlite, accustomed to success, but who almost causes Zuri's rescue to fail, is unable to win his approval.When Renny and Starlite must work together to save the life of the baby rhino fatally wounded by poachers, they must face the ...
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