Sean H. Robertson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 232

You'll enjoy this teen romantic, adventurous & dark EPIC 60,000 word/300+ printed page original vampire vs. werewolf full stand alone novel, inspired by the Twilight and Underworld sagas. Download it now! A beautiful & courageous teenage vampire princess sacrifices her life for her true love and her 12th century Scottish homeland: Vampira. Inspired by the Twilight saga. When twenty-seven year old Alpha werewolf Gaad Grey claims his rule over his werewolf horde, he sets out for revenge against the Vampire royal family that took the lives of his parents, as he looked on in sheer disbelief at the age of ten. Now, hellbent on exacting the sheer horror he felt onto the decendants of the vampiric Robertson clan, Gaad unleashes his merciless fury on seventeen year old vampire triplets Kristin, Kylie and Kolbe, their land of Vampira, as well as upon the defenseless humans that the Vampires ...
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