Gayle Carline
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 316

Peri Minneopa has heard her name mangled a thousand ways and hates them all. What she likes are clean houses, and dirty martinis. She recently traded in her housecleaning business for a P.I. license. Her timing seems perfect, when she cleans a former client’s freezer and finds a severed hand inside, wearing an expensive ring. The client, Benny Needles, is a Dean Martin fanatic who swears he’s innocent. But where there’s a hand, there’s a body, waiting to be found.It’s a brand new world for Peri, and she has a lot to learn. Her first lesson is that investigating murder can be dangerous. Her boyfriend, Skip, a detective in the Placentia Police Department tries to warn Peri, but she can’t stop sticking her nose into the middle of things. In the middle of trying to solve the case, Peri takes on a surveillance job and finds that even surveillance isn’t always low risk. As these ...
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