John Patin
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 46

In this first issue of Tales from TOMORROW you will enjoy two original Science Fiction short stories (a total of 11,000 words) by John R. Patin:Passengers - 4,100 words      Humanity had just built its first starship, but it seems version 1.0 always has a few bugs.*** and ***Aid Station - 6,900 words     When a retreating mankind dug in on the strategic world they named Blackrock, most were little interested in the discovery that someone had been there before them; someone who had blasted the wretched place into an airless cinder in an ancient war. Humanity had its own war to fight against the implacable NeDan and it looked like the outpost on Blackrock was about to become an Alamo. The past would have to wait. Or would it?A scene from Aid Station follows...     "Miller! Get in here and help me pull this sheeting over the cots... Ah, hell." A particularly strong shock rolled ...
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